Institutsleitung – Prof. Mohammed Es-Souni

Short Biographical Data:

  • April 1993–March 2020: Professor for Materials and Surface Technology, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of the Institute for Materials & Surface Technology (IMST), Kiel
  • 19871993: Research Scientist: GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht (near Hamburg). Microstructure-property relationship in intermetallic materials, including the Ti-Aluminides γ-TiAl and Ti3Al.
  • 1986: University of Strasbourg: Habilitation (Doctorat es Sciences): Segregation phenomena at metals and alloys surfaces studied by electron spectroscopy
  • University education in Besancon and Strasbourg (France)


  • 1992 Best paper Award, International Metallographic Society
  • 2002 Technology Award of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein for outstanding Research and Technology Transfer activities
  • 2010 Transfer Award for outstanding Research and Technology Transfer activities
  • 2012 Technology Transfer Award ( First Prize) of the Innovation Foundation Schleswig-Holstein
  • 2019 Innovation Award of the City of Kiel

Research Activities:

The main focus of Research & Development Activities at IMST is on functional coatings, including super-hydrophilic, release-free anti-adhesive, anti-biofouling films on various substrates; hydrophobic and oleophobic anti-fingerprint coatings. The coatings can be combined with electrochemically structured surfaces to enhance functionality and mechanical resistance. The coatings  are mainly processed using environmentally friendly and sustainable deposition methods such as photo-grafting, electrochemical and sol-gel methods.

I have published and co-authored 176 papers in international, peer-reviewed journals. A list of selected publications may be found here. I also hold  19 patents (see recently granted patents).

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