Surface Modification of Polymers & Silicones

Polymers & silicones are chemically stable materials which may be of a challenge when a chemical surface modification is required. For instance, polymers and silicones are preferential host surfaces for biofilm formation which is highly undesirable for medical and biotechnological applications, e.g. for dialysis tubes and cell culture dishes.

An interesting surface modification for polymers and silicones that is at the same time sustainable and environmentally friendly is with functional, realease-free polymer layers which can prevent biofilm formation.

At IMST a modified photopolymerization method was developed that allows thin films of microbe-repellent polymers to be covalently bound  to the surface. In principle, the process is similar to that used for the coating of RGP contact lenses.

With our patented process, important materials like silicones, e.g. PDMS (Polydimethyl-Methyl-Siloxane), PP-fabrics and molded parts as well as PEEK-materials can be functionalized.

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